Philosophy for the Public

“Hung-Over, -Up” as part of the Dilemma Series at A Night of Philosophy and Ideas. Brooklyn, NY. January 2018

I believe that bringing philosophy into the public sphere can significantly improve the quality of the ongoing debates by providing structure, reflection, and insight. It makes philosophy accessible to underprivileged groups. It also demonstrates the value and relevance of philosophy. I am always very keen to be a part of such ventures. Here are some things I’ve done to bring philosophy to the public.

Here are some things I’ve done/am doing:

Panel Discussion on Mozart’s opera, Così fan tutte, ossia La scuola degli amanti at the Palm Beach Opera. Palm Beach, FL. February 2023 

“Is Love Gendered?” for the Philosophy Slam at Jacksonville University. Jacksonville, FL. February 2023

“Ethical Non-Monogamy and the Philosophy of Love w/ Dr. Arina Pismenny” Industry Plant’s Pogcast with Mitchell Szlabowicz. February 2021 Available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Spotify

“Romantic Love: Jealousy vs. Compersion” for the Undergraduate Philosophy Society, University of Florida. Gainesville, FL. November 2020

“What is erotic?”, “Reconstructing sexual orientation: Should polyamory count as a sexual orientation?”, and “Objections to polyamory: How to respond” workshops as part of RelateCon: Empowering Relationship Diversity. Boise, ID. March 2019

“What Can Polyamory Tell Us about Jealousy?” as part of the Valentine’s Day Special. Daily Nous. February 2018

“Fine-tuning passion: When is love not an emotion?” as part of the HowTheLightGetsIn festival. The Institute of Art and Ideas.  June 2017

“Love and the Self”the Owl Podcast with Ian Olasov, Ask A Philosopher series. Episode 7. July 2017

APA Member Interview (pilot) for the APA Blog with Skye Cleary. January 2016